Two-Storey Homes: the perfect solution for your narrow land in Perth WA

Have you noticed the increasing number of two-storey homes being built here in Perth, Western Australia? There are a number of reasons why this type of home becomes more and more popular these days.

two storey homes perth
Two-storey home

Cities become populated and buildable lands around the metropolitan areas become scarcer: we notice land prices increase while size decreases. As a result, homebuyers and builders alike must rethink building designs to ensure they can get all the room they need in the space available.

Having limited space is a major challenge for Perth home builders. They need to come up with efficient designs in order to meet their clients’ wants and needs despite having a narrow block of a lot. Of course, getting everything your clients want is the biggest challenge of home builders. It seems like they need to make sacrifices either inside the structure or in the yard to build on a small lot. By the time you factor in setbacks and a garage, the amount of room left for living space can seem pitifully small.

There are many disadvantages to having narrow lots, but many buyers are embracing them since they’ve got no other option. But thankfully, two-storey home designs have been developed specifically for tight lots. This type of houses is designed for those who have limited land space available, without the need to make sacrifices to the design, your home’s size or lifestyle which may otherwise occur when looking at a single level plan on the same piece of land.

Two-storey home designs maximise every inch of your narrow lot. Typically, public functions such as kitchen, dining and entertainment areas, or common rooms like a living room are located at the lower level. Bedrooms are located on the second level, although in some designs the master bedroom may be located on the main floor.

Aside from maximising the limited space available, another advantage of moving up instead of sprawling out is that it opens the doors to some whole new design elements to consider. Because there are many options upstairs, it gives you more freedom to explore your creativity. With an additional floor, you can have a more peaceful and quiet place where you can install bedrooms and other functional accessories.

Thinking about long-term value and future costs, having a two-storey home is a smart idea. It can deliver better returns and save your investment. Also, it is easy to modify and build additional space. This type of home is cheaper and fits your lifestyle preferences.

These are the reasons why two-storey designs have become one of the most popular homes these days. If you want to build a new home, think about your needs and evaluate the resources you have to see if this type of home is ideal for you.

Why should you hire Perth office cleaners?

If you want your business to be successful, having a well-maintained business premise is paramount more than ever. Having a neat and clean office area is essential if you want to impress visitors and customers. It can help establish positive of your company.

office cleaners perth
Office cleaning

In business, the first impression is crucial to creating that image of professionalism, quality and class. Imagine walking or working into an office that is cluttered, filthy and disorganised. That is why it is important to hire a Perth office cleaning company to maintain the aesthetic qualities of your business. Being able to hire a competent cleaning company specialising in office cleaning services can feel your needs without causing you stress. Learn how to find them!

Perhaps, you already know that cleaning your entire office is not an easy task. It requires special knowledge and skill in order to achieve the desired results. So in order to keep the office free from dirt and clutter, most companies outsource services from a commercial cleaning company. However, you need to hire a cleaning company that is established and reputable because they are only the ones that can provide reliable and efficient services at a reasonable point. They are also capable of maintaining standards of performance and cleanliness to meet your requirements.

Keep in mind that offices and commercial places are more difficult to clean than homes. They receive a greater amount of use so they easily accumulate dirt. Excessive use creates a need to keep the area cleaned much more often. But if not performed properly, the extra cleaning can be detrimental to your office furnishings. When you use the services of a professional, you can rest assured that they’ll follow specific and standard procedures to ensure proper cleaning takes place while protecting the safety of their clients’ fixtures and furnishings.

Hiring a reliable company is so important for every office especially when it comes to the safety of your pieces of equipment and assets. For instance, offices typically have a large number of computer and electronic devices so the cleaning service you hire should not only ensure that your workplace and devices are clean, but they also need to ensure their safety. They may use anti-static cleaning solutions to reduce the damage effects of static electricity on those pieces of equipment.

In Perth, most office cleaning companies are composed of people who are skilled and properly trained using accepted methods with the right equipment for the task at hand. Unlike house cleaning, cleaning commercial areas is a lot more complicated so it is extremely important to hire someone who is capable of performing the task effectively.

Register your business name

Do you want your customers and clients are able to find you, talk about you on social media or offline, and recommend you to their families and friends? If you do, then you need a business name.

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Register your business

Obviously, having a name for your business is vital. It should define who you are, identify what products or services you offer and it can help impress your investors. A business name is also the foundation of trademark design, which can be of significant value if you ever want to franchise or sell your business.

For some individuals, having a business model is more important than the name, but a good business name certainly can’t hurt your prospects.

Great business names are powerful. They have the power to influence, the power to include and the power to exclude. They have the power to inform. Normally, a business name is your business’ first impression with customers. It is something that they will remember.

Aside from being remembered by your customers, your business name is often your first impression with business owners and investors. Investors like to select businesses for their business potential, but some have more faith in qualitative factors such as marketing and the right business name.

Some business with “sticky” names can also generate media coverage. They are easy for customers to remember and attract attention. A distinctive business name can also help readers to remember the name of your business when they’re trying to find it or recommend to others.

So if you want to start your own business, having a business name is a must. Otherwise, the government authority won’t allow you to start your business unless you have a name that is unique and is appropriate.

If you want to learn how to properly register your business name here in Australia, check this out:

5 Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the hardest things to achieve by any business. As a result, many entrepreneurs feel that the industry they are in, or the business model they have is just not environmentally friendly and that there is absolutely nothing you can do to improve it. However, that kind of thinking is absolutely wrong.

perth business news
Sustainable business

What is a sustainable business? A sustainable business is one that is more profitable than those that are not – you need to recognise that this is the case in order to have a sustainable business. If you can’t see the immense benefits of sustainable business, then it’s unlikely that you will pursue becoming a sustainable business in earnest.

If you want to have a sustainable business, you first need to understand what sustainability is. The truth is, it is not just about recycling waste and turning it into something useful. It is actually a set of values that positively affects the way a business operates every day, both within the company and in the community-at-large.

In order for your business to be sustainable, you need to practice transparency. This means that it is not only in the public reporting of finances, but also in how the company manages environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

Then, you should also designate a goal that you, your employees and partners should target. Having a specific set of goals will help your company move towards sustainability faster and more efficiently. Goals will vary based on the industry.

However, achieving this goal for your business requires both time and money. You will require someone or a group of people to work on completing sustainability surveys. You will need some reporting and the surveying team will also need help from your team members especially from project and property managers.

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Rent prices on the rise – depending on where you live

If you ask some experts in finance and investment, they would agree that it’s a sound strategy to own assets that generate income. This is actually a lot better as opposed to assets that mostly yield expenses.

perth finance news
Rents on the rise

Do you want to know the perfect example of an asset that generates income? This appropriately applies to real estate. If you are able to rent out your property, it can generate a more consistent amount of income compared to when it is limited to personal use or kept idle.

However, just like any other form of investment, having a rental property doesn’t immediately translate to financial success. Granted, the demand for real estate continues to rise, and prices have led home seekers to resort to renting as opposed to purchasing, you can always feel confident that there’s a market of tenants for you. However, renting out property is more than simply owning space, and having someone else pay you as they use it.

After all, having a property for rent is about business. One of the most common reasons why many property owners fail is because they wrongly approach the property as business. Some treat it more like a hobby where extra income can simply be had when in order to be really successful, it has to be run like a real company.

When starting your rental business, always remember that not all tenants are the same, so do their needs. In addition to that, you should also keep in mind that the tenant you’ll have will still depend on the type of property you have. Naturally, you’ll attract big families when what you’re renting out is a two-storey home and various businesses when what you offer is commercial space.

So as the rents are on the rise now is the best time to start your rental property. Check out this nice article to learn how much you should be charging your tenants depending on where you live:

The simple test to reveal why you’re not making money

Money is the ultimate tool. We need it in order not only live the life we want but to survive from day to day. However, many people here in Western Australia struggle to make ends meet and they may be facing a combination of issues.

perth finance news
Tight budget

Being in a financial rut and not being able to find a way out can be extremely frustrating. You may think that you make decent money, but you are still experiencing difficulties each month. You may be overspending or you may not make enough money. You may be overspending while not making enough to cover your basic needs such as food, shelter, electricity, etc. This can lead to real trouble.

Are you not making enough money to cover your bills? If you do, you will need to take some steps today in order for you to increase your income. Budgeting is important. It can be challenging if you have low income but it can help you back on track and you can use certain budgeting strategies to help you cope with being poor.

The most common sign that you don’t earn enough is when you run out of money even at the beginning of the month. Every now and then, you can have a bad month where you experience a tight budget for the last week or so. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet after the fifth of the month, then you are most likely facing an income crisis. This is a strong indicator of an income crisis because it demonstrates that there is not as much overspending going on.

Another sign that you’re not making enough money is when you can’t cover your bills. You’ll know you’re having income crisis when you choose between which bills to pay. If this is your current situation, you definitely need to find a new job.

Here are some other tests you can try to know why you’re not making money:

Risks and return

The best way to build wealth is by investing. But when you invest, you are exposed to different types of risk. What you can do is to learn all these risks and how they can affect your investment returns so that you can get the most out of your invested money.

perth finance news
Risk vs reward

The key to your investment strategy is controlling risk. According to some experienced investors and business experts, spreading your investments and savings across a variety of channels is one of the best ways to manage risk. This is important because if you have all (or even most) of your money in one place (whether it’s the stock market, real estate or even municipal bonds issued by your hometown), you’re at a higher risk to lose it all if something goes wrong.

To manage investment risk, one of the best ways is by diversification through a well-balanced investment portfolio. You need to spread your savings investment funds among different types of assets and investing in different securities within each type of asset. This reduces risk because even though one or more investments might falter, others will gain.

Another way to reduce risk is by investing over time. According to some researches, investing for the long term reduces investment risk because, it generally will gain back any losses over the long term, even though the price of a given investment may rise and fall within a short period of time. Withstanding short-term price fluctuations often generates greater long-term rewards for stocks versus other asset classes.

Knowing whether to gamble or back down from your investment is truly one of the trickiest questions an investor could ever face; balancing investment risk versus reward is so challenging. Sure, no one knows what will happen in the future. However, with adequate knowledge, you can minimise investment risks.

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Hotel luxury and smart tech: Inside the latest bathroom trends

Are you looking for simple renovations that will give your home a facelift? Most smart homeowners who want to give their home fresh look go for bathroom renovation.

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Bathroom design

Outdated bathrooms can stop potential buyers in their tracks. Even if you’re not looking to sell, it’s nice to feel like you’re living in the current decade. Besides increasing the value of your home, the bathroom can be a place to get creative and have some fun.

Bathroom renovation can give you numerous benefits and one of which is increasing your home’s value. According to experts, even a minor bathroom renovation can give you a huge percentage of return at resale. In fact, even a minor remodel such as replacing tile surround, floor, toilet, fixtures or sink can already boost your home’s resale value. But as you renovate, you also need to make sure that the colours and styles of your new fixtures will be trendy and such trends will have lasting value in the future.

The second benefit of bathroom remodelling is it reduces clutter. If your bathroom is poorly designed, it is inviting clutter. Renovation allows you to increase your storage capacity with smart designs in today’s cabinetry. That way, you can finally find discreet homes for your towels, cleaners, toiletries, and medicines.

An underrated benefit of renovating your bathroom is it helps you save money. Remodelling will not only improve your bathroom’s appearance, but it will also involve replacing leaky faucets, adding aerators, and installing an on-demand water heater and a water-efficient toilet will save you big bucks on utility costs.

Your bathroom should be the place where you spend some of your time after a long, tiring day from office or school. That is why it should a comfortable place. So by renovating your room, you can achieve this relaxing place.

Want some smart bathroom ideas for your room? Check this out:

Tips for starting a home-based business

Home-based businesses have quickly become the fastest growing form of business start-up not only here in Australia but in most countries around the globe. By setting up your business from home, you can have the flexibility that most entrepreneurs who operate from a regular office or warehouse space cannot have.

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Work from home

However, the most common problem entrepreneurs who work from home face is lack of self-discipline. It is difficult not to procrastinate while working without your boss or client watching you. Although working at home requires self-discipline, the benefits can be substantial – especially in the start-up years

There are numerous benefits to running a home-based business. First, you don’t have to commute. Most Australians spend one hour or more when commuting to or from their offices. One of the best benefits of working in a home office is that commuting involves no more than a few steps to the spare room or the basement. That leaves more time for revenue-producing activities.

Another big benefit of working online is its tax benefits. In fact, in some cases, it can be lucrative. You can deduct a portion of your home’s expenses, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, utilities and repairs and maintenance, against your business income if your situation qualifies.

How do you qualify for such tax benefits? To qualify, your home office must be your principal place of business and you can only deduct the proportionate amounts of the total expense which are directly related to your business.

If you are taking care of your small children or have other obligations at home, running your business doesn’t have to be a problem for you – you can work at your time. You can work when your kids are already asleep or when you’re already done doing all your household chores.

There are many other benefits of working from home. But do you know how to start a home-based business? Check this out:

Work-related burnout affects many of us. Here’s how to beat it

Are you an employee or a business owner? If you are, you probably have experienced being extremely busy during holidays and other special occasions. You feel the responsibility to your customers and clients. Added personal responsibilities for the extra time needed to get gifts, attend social events can make you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends.

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Work-related burnout

Thinking about all the tasks you need to complete within a short period amount of time can cause you to panic or perhaps make you give up at a certain point. This added pressure can bring you to the point of burnout.

Among the best and most responsible entrepreneurs and workers in all fields, work burnout is a common occurrence. It happens most frequently if you are dedicated and serious with your job and what you do. If you have high standards for yourself, perhaps you are a bit of a perfectionist or an idealist, you are likely to experience work burnout more often. You want to provide the best service; go over and beyond what is expected to give service to others.

Burnout caused by your should not be ignored. You may not even realise that it is work that is causing your symptoms, and think that you are feeling stress from other areas in your life. In fact, your symptoms can overlap whether the cause is work or other stress.

In worse cases, burnout can even seem like depression, and often doctors will misdiagnose and mistreat work burnout. That is why it’s important for you to be aware of the symptoms. If you are dealing with another stressor in your life, and you don’t feel better, you can start feeling frightened and powerless about getting better.

Work-related burnout can affect any of us and it can be chronic. To know how to beat it, read this:

Business finance and loans

In today’s economic climate, finding financing for your business has never been more challenging. Whether you are looking for startup funds, capital for your business expansion, or you just need money to hold on through the tough times, business financing is difficult.

perth finance news
Small business finance

What is business financing? Some people call it business funding, business loans, or whatever jargon the industry has come up with, many small businesses consider financing to serve their purpose of whether helping their own start, run or grow; it is the act of coming up with the money.

Many small business owners turn to external small business financing whether that means debt instead of paying upfront costs and cover up-flow gaps with their own money, out of pocket. There are reasons why these small business owners decide to do so.

But first, you need to acknowledge that not every loan fits for every small business. Though some types of loans may sound as fantastic as they are, not all loans will suit you.

When taking business financing for your small business, you need to make sure that you have the most valid reasons why you need to do so. For instance, if you need to purchase new equipment, you can consider financing. However, before you take out an equipment loan, make sure you’re separating the actual needs from the nice-to-haves when it comes to your bottom line.

Inventory is also another important expense your business may incur. Similar to equipment purchases, you need to keep up with the demand by replenishing your inventory with plentiful and high-quality options. This can prove difficult at times when you need to purchase large amounts of inventory before seeing a return on the investment.

A small business loan may sound simple but it is also a major decision you’ll make. Hence, you need to be smart and think a lot before taking one. Read more about small business loan right here:

Rebecca and Chris Judd’s $50,000 renovation mistake

Home renovation is one rewarding task but it is never easy to accomplish. It takes a lot of preparation and hard work to carry out a successful home renovation. In addition to that, you need a lot of money and time in order to ensure that the reasons why you renovated your home are achieved.

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Home renovation mistake

Luckily for our homeowners nowadays, we have the internet to use in looking for home renovation tips that even inexperienced homeowners can use to achieve a successful home restoration. You can now watch videos online showing the latest trends in home designs for 2019. And by being familiar with these guidelines, you will minimise judgement errors and the probability of project failure.

Before you start your home renovation, you first need to identify the reasons why you want to do such renovation. This is to ensure that the project is launched with the correct reasons and with the correct image in mind of the completed renovation.

Another useful tip is to use a home renovation company to check your house before it gets remodelled. You can use maybe an architect or an expert interior decorator to help you. He or she can give you a cost estimate for the project and. Furthermore, the professional can also enlighten you with a clear idea about what needs to be done.

Budget is also another factor to consider. Before starting the project, you should determine the budget that you would like to spend on the renovation project to ensure that enough funds are available and to prevent you from going overboard with his finances while in the course of the project.

To prevent mistakes, you may also work with a trusted contractor or home builder in Perth to handle the remodelling task from start to finish. This will help you the mistakes some homeowners had while renovating their houses.

An example of a home renovation mistake you should avoid is the one done by Rebecca and Chris Judd. The mistake cost them 50 thousand dollars.

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