Two-Storey Homes: the perfect solution for your narrow land in Perth WA

Have you noticed the increasing number of two-storey homes being built here in Perth, Western Australia? There are a number of reasons why this type of home becomes more and more popular these days.

two storey homes perth
Two-storey home

Cities become populated and buildable lands around the metropolitan areas become scarcer: we notice land prices increase while size decreases. As a result, homebuyers and builders alike must rethink building designs to ensure they can get all the room they need in the space available.

Having limited space is a major challenge for Perth home builders. They need to come up with efficient designs in order to meet their clients’ wants and needs despite having a narrow block of a lot. Of course, getting everything your clients want is the biggest challenge of home builders. It seems like they need to make sacrifices either inside the structure or in the yard to build on a small lot. By the time you factor in setbacks and a garage, the amount of room left for living space can seem pitifully small.

There are many disadvantages to having narrow lots, but many buyers are embracing them since they’ve got no other option. But thankfully, two-storey home designs have been developed specifically for tight lots. This type of houses is designed for those who have limited land space available, without the need to make sacrifices to the design, your home’s size or lifestyle which may otherwise occur when looking at a single level plan on the same piece of land.

Two-storey home designs maximise every inch of your narrow lot. Typically, public functions such as kitchen, dining and entertainment areas, or common rooms like a living room are located at the lower level. Bedrooms are located on the second level, although in some designs the master bedroom may be located on the main floor.

Aside from maximising the limited space available, another advantage of moving up instead of sprawling out is that it opens the doors to some whole new design elements to consider. Because there are many options upstairs, it gives you more freedom to explore your creativity. With an additional floor, you can have a more peaceful and quiet place where you can install bedrooms and other functional accessories.

Thinking about long-term value and future costs, having a two-storey home is a smart idea. It can deliver better returns and save your investment. Also, it is easy to modify and build additional space. This type of home is cheaper and fits your lifestyle preferences.

These are the reasons why two-storey designs have become one of the most popular homes these days. If you want to build a new home, think about your needs and evaluate the resources you have to see if this type of home is ideal for you.

Why should you hire Perth office cleaners?

If you want your business to be successful, having a well-maintained business premise is paramount more than ever. Having a neat and clean office area is essential if you want to impress visitors and customers. It can help establish positive of your company.

office cleaners perth
Office cleaning

In business, the first impression is crucial to creating that image of professionalism, quality and class. Imagine walking or working into an office that is cluttered, filthy and disorganised. That is why it is important to hire a Perth office cleaning company to maintain the aesthetic qualities of your business. Being able to hire a competent cleaning company specialising in office cleaning services can feel your needs without causing you stress. Learn how to find them!

Perhaps, you already know that cleaning your entire office is not an easy task. It requires special knowledge and skill in order to achieve the desired results. So in order to keep the office free from dirt and clutter, most companies outsource services from a commercial cleaning company. However, you need to hire a cleaning company that is established and reputable because they are only the ones that can provide reliable and efficient services at a reasonable point. They are also capable of maintaining standards of performance and cleanliness to meet your requirements.

Keep in mind that offices and commercial places are more difficult to clean than homes. They receive a greater amount of use so they easily accumulate dirt. Excessive use creates a need to keep the area cleaned much more often. But if not performed properly, the extra cleaning can be detrimental to your office furnishings. When you use the services of a professional, you can rest assured that they’ll follow specific and standard procedures to ensure proper cleaning takes place while protecting the safety of their clients’ fixtures and furnishings.

Hiring a reliable company is so important for every office especially when it comes to the safety of your pieces of equipment and assets. For instance, offices typically have a large number of computer and electronic devices so the cleaning service you hire should not only ensure that your workplace and devices are clean, but they also need to ensure their safety. They may use anti-static cleaning solutions to reduce the damage effects of static electricity on those pieces of equipment.

In Perth, most office cleaning companies are composed of people who are skilled and properly trained using accepted methods with the right equipment for the task at hand. Unlike house cleaning, cleaning commercial areas is a lot more complicated so it is extremely important to hire someone who is capable of performing the task effectively.

First Home Buyers: The ‘rookie error’ this owner made when selling her apartment

If you want to sell your home, you want to sell it quickly and of course, get top dollar from it. As a seller, you would not have peace of mind until a perfect and secured buyer comes along and finally gets into a transaction to buy your home. This is usually the case when you unroll any product or asset to the market.

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Sell your home

Nowadays, the global real estate is in the slump so you need to strategise to quickly sell your home. Selling a house is not an easy task. There would always be setbacks that would prevent you from selling the asset faster than necessary. Fortunately, you do not need to become a savvy home seller to do the task with much ease. All you have to do is to have clear and effective strategies to do so.

You can do a home inspection first. It will help you determine repair problems that may be present. In the long run, you should realise that spending on repair can be far less than possible loss incurrence. When your potential buyer notices that there’s a portion or portions of your house that require repairs, he will bid to lessen the cost you offer. Hence, you will possibly lose more money then for the repair cost.

The overall assets of the neighbourhood would also help boost prices and make buyers immediately close the deal. It is better if there are available figures from the local government thought you may at times find it hard to get such information. If in the neighbourhood there are community pools, parks and schools. The home can also become instantly interesting. This helps to inflate and bolster the valuation of the home for sale.

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Ex-Googlers, Stanford professors, and startup CEOs share their best advice on making a career change

Are you interested in switching in a new career? There are many reasons why people switch careers – it can be newly discovered interest that you would like to incorporate into your job, you want more flexibility, change in your career values or goals, you just want to make more money, or any reason to push you changing careers.

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Career change

Taking the time to evaluate your present situation before you decide to switch career is vital. You also need to evaluate your present situation, to explore career options, to decide if your career needs making over, and to choose a career that will be more satisfying for you.

You first need to evaluate your current job situation before making decisions. Take some note on which aspect of your current job that you like and dislike. You also need to know your dissatisfactions related to the content of your work, your company culture or the people with whom you work. These things will help you know what things have to be done, in order for you to be prepared for your move when it’s time for a change.

Then, you should review your past works, jobs and projects to assess your skills, interests and values. This will help you identify preferred activities and skills. Determine whether your core values and skills are addressed through your current career.

Once you have done your self-assessment, the next step is to consider your alternative careers. Conduct some research on your new career options that will suit your values, goals, etc.

Aside from assessing your self and looking for jobs that will suit you perfectly, you also need to consider upgrading your skills. Look for ways to develop new skills in your current job which would pave the way for a change.

Want to learn more about career change? Nobody can give you better pieces of advice other than the experts. Read this article:

Truly confident people must be open to feedback from others

Many of us are born with the trait of struggling with receiving feedback, even though when it was entirely accurate. These individuals’ mind begins to race and their heartbeat quickens once they hear the words. If you also experience same thing when hearing feedback from your boss, colleagues, customers or anyone, you are not alone.

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Unfortunately, being unable to accept feedbacks correctly can bring negative effects. In the heat of the moment, many of us react with defensiveness and anger. In worse cases, some people attacks the person giving the feedback. But the truth is, we need to get over it. Instead, we should consider all those feedbacks as constructive criticism. We can use those things as tool to identify our weaknesses and help maintain relationships and be successful with everything we do.

When hearing feedback or criticism, the very first thing you should do is to stop. Try not to react at all. While one second seems insignificant in real life, it’s ample time for your brain to process a situation. And in that moment, you can halt a dismissive facial expression or reactive quip and remind yourself to keep calm.

Secondly, you should not forget the fact that there are benefits to getting feedback from other people and the biggest benefit is self improvement. To improve your skills, work product, and relationships, and to help you meet the expectations that your manager and others have of you, you need to learn from those feedbacks.

Perhaps, the most difficult part is to look the person in the eyes and thank him or her for sharing feedback with you. Let that person know that you appreciate the time he spent about giving you feedback. Expressing appreciation doesn’t have to mean you’re agreeing with the assessment, but it does show that you’re acknowledging the effort of that person.

Learning to accepting feedback is so helpful in life and especially in career and business. According to an article by WA Today, this skill is also a sign of confidence. Read the full article here:

Plan early: How to create a fail-safe business strategy for 2019

If you ask a successful businessman, he will tell you that his success is not based on luck. The business’ success or failure is dependent upon the strength of your business strategy.

When you have a successful strategic plan, it employs cost reduction, development, and sustainability techniques to ensure a bright future. You need to know your business inside and out in order to create a comprehensive and realistic plan.

Having a good business strategy allows you to achieve your objectives. It serves as the driving force behind any business entity, and takes the form of an official report. Businesses are self-sustainable systems, when you change one thing in the system; it has a positive or negative chain reaction. Like an organism, businesses learn how to adapt to the change if it is positive, and rectify the situation if it is negative.

A business plan can be a great aid to your business strategies. It is the textual version of a strategy, as it includes pertinent information regarding the company, including: vision and mission statements, measurable objectives supporting the vision. It should include your Perth business’ primary and secondary objectives.

The formation of a business strategy is a science that combines current circumstances with a variety of internal and external variables, addressing immediate and long-term goals.

To begin with your business strategy, you need to evaluate your performance last year. Study your market and customers’ behaviour so that you’ll be able to predict and understand their needs for the upcoming year.

So for this 2019, you will need a series of strategies. It may feel like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. All you need to is to follow certain steps that are so easy and simple.

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How to get a perfect lawn this summer

We all want to get the perfect lawn landscaping of the neighbourhood especially this summer. For some homeowners, it is easy for them to achieve this. But for most of us who might not have been born with an eye for design and a green thumb, we become easily get frustrated and stopped thinking about landscaping your lawn.

Perth News
Summer Lawn

Landscaping your lard is not as difficult as most homeowners thought. You just need to understand a few basic principles of landscaping design.

When landscaping your lawn, the first thing to consider is the design’s layout. Keep in mind that if you do not understand this process of selecting a layout, you can’t plan anything correctly. The key is to make sure that all elements are going to balance each other. If you choose a symmetrical design then it will be akin to a mirror. Split the lawn down the middle and what is on the left should be balanced on the right was well.

This summer, you can achieve a stunning lawn by just doing some important things to consider. You can add a dash of fun with unique bodies of water. Pick sprinkles that spray an arch of water on your scorched garden. This is especially helpful in the hot season because the hot weather will make grasses and plants tend to dry up. Constant stream of water will them fresh and alive. You may also consider placing plastic seats in that brook. That way, you can have some fun while you absorb the glow and warmth of the sun.

Whether you just want to create a perfect lawn where you can spend some happy time with your family this summer, or want to improve the value of your property (just like what bathroom renovation can do), you should consider these helpful tips from Perth Now.

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Perth restaurant The Curry Tree fined $200,000 for not paying worker and then dismissing him via text message

What does it mean when you fire your staff? Firing an employee means that you are terminating his or her services from your company. As the owner, you take the decision to do so.

Kim-cheep: Korean restaurant owner claims he paid workers $12 an hour because he feared retribution from rivals

Normally, firing an employee is not an easy task. As the employer, it is also an unpleasant experience to do so. However, most of the time it becomes necessary for a certain business to terminate the services of a group of employees or a particular employee due to some unavoidable circumstances.

When firing someone, there should be a genuine reason or reasons for doing so. That’s because there are certain legal aspects and laws that need to be followed thoroughly before taking any such decision. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide such reasons before terminating an employee’s services.

Is your employee underperforming? If he or she does, that could be a valid reason for you to fire him or her. You can also fire an employee if you find no signs of improvements even after repeated feed backs, or in cases where the employee does something that is against the rules and regulations of your company.

Before firing an employee, it is important that you make them aware of their shortcomings. You should also give them an opportunity to correct their mistakes and improve. Whenever you found out that a specific employee is not performing according to the set standards, first thing you need to do is make him aware of the same and try to help him to perform well.

Another important thing to keep in mind when firing someone is to make sure that you treat the individual who is terminated with respect. Try not to disclose the termination as much as possible.

Firing an employee is not simple as you need to follow some guidelines. Otherwise, you can get fine just like what happened to an Indian restaurant based in Perth after firing its employee via text message when he was taking a day off due to sickness.

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Low-Cost Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Perth Homeowners

One mistake that’s killing online product sales

Selling products online and marketing on the internet involves more than just putting products onto your website or posting it on your social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and then sitting back waiting for people to purchase. There’s a lot we can learn from Amazon, the king of online e-commerce. They have a formula that all internet businesses can follow and copy.

One of the best ways to sell goods on the internet is by utilising review system. It allows customers to leave their personal comments ratings on your products. This is effective for an online business that sells products because it increases a customer’s trust of you and your brand. Don’t be concerned about negative feedback. Research shows that mixed feedback is more respected than just positive views alone.

To make sales, you should personalise your brand by showing a customer’s name when they log in. When customers are looking for products on your website, show them suggestions and recommendations in specific categories. You can use plug-ins and third-part add-ons to make this possible.

Another thing online buyers love is excellent customer service. Make sure that customer service is your top priority. Ensure that your customers are satisfied with what your product is offering.

There are many things you can do to increase your online sales. However, you must never do this mistake:

Six Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing gives your business global reach.

Nowadays, consumers love to search online before purchasing a product or service using their computers, laptops, and mobile devices. This trend opened amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs to use the internet to market their product and services.

Internet marketing has been the most popular and most effective marketing strategy in the past decade. Its birth has brought success to businesses from all corners of the globe not only to large corporations, but to small businesses as well.

Marketing online is a lot more convenient compared to other forms of marketing. It allows you to open your business around the clock without worrying about store opening hours or overtime payment for your employees. In addition, you don’t have to pay for your shop’s rental.

So, if have not used the internet to market your product or service, you are definitely missing a ton of opportunities. And if you are hesitant to start because you do not know what to do, you don’t have to worry! Learning internet marketing is not as easy as many people think.

When you decide that you want to learn the internet marketing fundamentals, you have to know what you are getting into. There are many different ways to market a website or product online and you can use more than one method if you want.

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