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Levaquin is a broad spectrum medication of fluoroquinolone medicine class being a potent antibiotic covering a wide range of susceptible microorganisms which commonly cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary tract and abdominal infections. This medication is widely used in patients for broad spectrum effect, perfect penetration of the tissues of the body and thus performing fast effect suppressing the infection and inflammation and reducing the symptoms of the disease. The Levaquin medication is available in two formulas for oral and intravenous administration which makes its application even simpler and easier. The remedy may be prescribed as a solo treatment of an infection and in combination with other medications if an infection is a consequence of a suppressed immune system or if Levaquin is used as a protective means and as prophylaxis of potential infections and contaminations.

Another advantage of administration of Levaquin is its well tolerability by all patients. As an average drug the Levaquin pills may perform some side effects and adverse reactions in the body of a patient. However in most cases these side effects are minor or negligible. Among most often reported side effects of Levaquin treatment there are:
• Constipation;
• Vomiting;
• Headache;
• Insomnia.

These side effects have been reported by patients and required discontinuation of the treatment of dosage management. There is also another adverse reaction of the body some clinical trials have discovered being a risk of tendon rapture or injury. However this fact is not exactly correlated to the Levaquin treatment. Thus you can buy Levaquin online in prescribed dosage absolutely safe and sound. We recommend this site: This remedy is one of the most potent antibiotics performing almost none of severe side effects other drugs of the class do. Keeping to the recommendations of your physician you will get fast recovered from the disease.