The simple test to reveal why you’re not making money

Money is the ultimate tool. We need it in order not only live the life we want but to survive from day to day. However, many people here in Western Australia struggle to make ends meet and they may be facing a combination of issues.

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Tight budget

Being in a financial rut and not being able to find a way out can be extremely frustrating. You may think that you make decent money, but you are still experiencing difficulties each month. You may be overspending or you may not make enough money. You may be overspending while not making enough to cover your basic needs such as food, shelter, electricity, etc. This can lead to real trouble.

Are you not making enough money to cover your bills? If you do, you will need to take some steps today in order for you to increase your income. Budgeting is important. It can be challenging if you have low income but it can help you back on track and you can use certain budgeting strategies to help you cope with being poor.

The most common sign that you don’t earn enough is when you run out of money even at the beginning of the month. Every now and then, you can have a bad month where you experience a tight budget for the last week or so. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet after the fifth of the month, then you are most likely facing an income crisis. This is a strong indicator of an income crisis because it demonstrates that there is not as much overspending going on.

Another sign that you’re not making enough money is when you can’t cover your bills. You’ll know you’re having income crisis when you choose between which bills to pay. If this is your current situation, you definitely need to find a new job.

Here are some other tests you can try to know why you’re not making money: