Work-related burnout affects many of us. Here’s how to beat it

Are you an employee or a business owner? If you are, you probably have experienced being extremely busy during holidays and other special occasions. You feel the responsibility to your customers and clients. Added personal responsibilities for the extra time needed to get gifts, attend social events can make you feel like you are burning the candle at both ends.

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Work-related burnout

Thinking about all the tasks you need to complete within a short period amount of time can cause you to panic or perhaps make you give up at a certain point. This added pressure can bring you to the point of burnout.

Among the best and most responsible entrepreneurs and workers in all fields, work burnout is a common occurrence. It happens most frequently if you are dedicated and serious with your job and what you do. If you have high standards for yourself, perhaps you are a bit of a perfectionist or an idealist, you are likely to experience work burnout more often. You want to provide the best service; go over and beyond what is expected to give service to others.

Burnout caused by your should not be ignored. You may not even realise that it is work that is causing your symptoms, and think that you are feeling stress from other areas in your life. In fact, your symptoms can overlap whether the cause is work or other stress.

In worse cases, burnout can even seem like depression, and often doctors will misdiagnose and mistreat work burnout. That is why it’s important for you to be aware of the symptoms. If you are dealing with another stressor in your life, and you don’t feel better, you can start feeling frightened and powerless about getting better.

Work-related burnout can affect any of us and it can be chronic. To know how to beat it, read this: